Hi, I'm Sha.
Here's my thoughts on being an effective leader

At first I thought leadership was about managing people, but I ended up just getting in the way. Then I thought leadership was about teaching others to manage me, but then they were just getting in my way. Now I realize leadership is about teaching others to manage themselves. This is a collection of thoughts and accountabilities I have as a Director of Engineering, but applies to all levels of leadership.

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Sha Alibhai

I'm a self taught software developer with almost 15 years experience. I'm passionate about using the lessons I've learnt to teach others how to maximize on their opportunities and grow to become the best version of themselves. Currently, I'm the Director of Engineering for an awesome company in the Medical Transportation space.



My first love is programming. I love bringing ideas to life and creating software that helps makes people's lifes a little easier.


I find the best way to maximize my own potential is by empowering others to maximize theirs. We succeed as a team and we fail as a team.


If you finish what you start you set yourself apart. Writing a book on Webpack 2 is one of the most difficult and satisfying things i’ve ever done.


The best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else. For me, inspiring others is the most satisfying thing.

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